William is the eldest of the Isaias Dassum Family.  He is an entrepreneur that has vast

experience and knowledge in the engineering and textile sectors, not only for his

academic background but for his hands on experience in the industrial and textile family


At 13 he was sent to Storm King School, in New York, where he graduated Cum Laude

from High School. Then, he pursued his engineering career at the Philadelphia College of

Textile and Science, where he obtained his degree in Textile Engineering. After

graduating, he returned to Ecuador and started working at Textiles San Vicente and

Fabrica de Hilados y Tejidos del Ecuador.  One year later he was in charge of a huge

family project, the starting up of Indulana, a textile industry to be based in Quito –

Ecuador. He was in charge of the construction, selection of the machinery, assembly of

the equipment, and as the general Manager he directed the industry to become one of the

most important textile industries in Ecuador.

Under the great capacity and experience of Willliam, the Isaias group started to invest in

car assembly industries, machinery and car distribution companies. He was appointed as

a member of the Board of Directors of Automotores Continental and Omnibus BB.

William has also participated in the financial sector, where he was appointed as

HonoraryDirector of Republic Nation al Bank in Miami and Director of   Filanbanco in


William has always been involved in community service, not only through Fundacion

Nahim Isaias, founded by his family, but through the Rotary Club, where as recognition

to his dedication and work, in 1995 was elected President of the Rotary Club Quito Valle

Interoceanico, Assistant Governor of Rotary International District 4400 for the term

1997 -1999, and then, in the year 2000, appointed Governor elect of Rotary International

District 4400. Today, William is an active member of the Rotary Club of Coral Gables.

He was also involved in educational programs under Fulbright Foundation, Ecuadorian

Chapter; he was elected Vice President for the 1996-1997 period.

Due to his great experience and passion for cars, William has been involved in different

Federations and Automobile Clubs.  From 1981 to 1986 he was appointed Director of the

Ecuadorian National Council of Transit and land Transportation; from 1985 to 1988 he

was the President of the Interamerican Federation of Touring and Automobile Clubs

F.I.T.A.C.  From 1977 to 2000, he was the President of the Board of Directors of the

Automobile Club of Ecuador.  He was appointed to the Management Council of Alliance

International de Tourisme AIT in 1985, and in 1995 to 2001 he was elected as Vice

President of the World Council of Tourism and the Automobile of the Federation International de L’ Automovil,  F.I.A.

For his great support towards   the community and sports, he received the

following Honors and Recognitions:

1976. – “Condecoracion al Merito”, given by the Ministry of Eduaction, Culture and

Sports of Ecuador.

1984.- “Mejor Dirigente Deportivo”, given by Concentracion Deportiva de Pichincha, Ecuador.

1994.-:”Condecoración Monseñor Leonidas Proaño”, given by the Metropolitan District of Quito- Ecuador.

1995. – “Condecoración al Merito Deportivo”, given by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

William lives in Miami since 2000 with his wife and two of his kids, Carolina 27 and

William Jr. 24 who also studied here and obtained their Bachelors Degrees from Barry

University of Miami and Suffolk University in Boston, respectively.  William senior is

In charge of the operation and technical management of the businesses owned by the

Isaias family in Miami, and actively participates as the Vice President, Treasurer of the

Board of Directors of Pacific Cable Television, Inc. a holding company that has

investments in Real Estate, Communications, and Food Industry